Employability standards across levels


basic ESOL employability intermediate



citizenship basic education levels

Beginning Literacy ABE, Beginning ABE, Intermediate ABE

identify common entry-level jobs

read common warning or safety signs at work

state previous employment and own job skills in simple terms state current job status

print or sign name on time sheet

ask if a task was done correctly

ask supervisor or co-worker for help

respond to simple questions about work progress/performance

respond to simple basic safety warnings or simple oral warnings

give simple reasons for absence or lateness

follow simple instructions

handle very routine entry-level jobs that do not require oral communication and in which all tasks can be easily demonstrated

read a time sheet

identify / recognize postings on bulletin boards, manuals, safety signs, procedures

expectations, breaks, rules rights, awareness of US workplace culture, personnel policy,when it makes sense to challenge authority, what the consequences are

communication with co-workers

problem solving on the job

follow sequenced instructions

understand rights on the job

report problems

scanning with bar codes

clock in/out

match #s/words for orders

understand pay stub, hourly rates, deductions

[low intermediate]

interpret simple directions

fill out simple forms, including one-page job applications

handle jobs with basic oral and written communication in which tasks can be demonstrated

beginning citizenship


- Interpret and follow simple directions

- Fill out simple forms and applications

- Oral skills to communicate with employer, employees

- Ability to understand time sheets, paycheck stub

- Ability to understand simple work agreements

- Ability to handle job with basic oral, written, and listening requirements

level 1


- follow verbal directions

- handle routine, entry-level positions with minimal written communnication

- complete a time sheet with instruction

- understand basic computer operations

- beginning to do basic computer keyboarding

[high intermediate]

fill out complex job applications

Handle jobs or training that involves basic oral and written communication and tasks that can be clarified orally

Has limited ability to communicate on the telephone

Demonstrate basic computer literacy skills

organize, plan and prioritize work Can understand and interpret a simple employee handbook

develop a one-page job resume with assistance

intermediate citizenship


-Fill out complex job applications

- Have basic computer literacy for entry level jobs

- Communicate using telephone, email

- Use workplace technology: voice mail, fax, copier

- Organize, prioritize, manage work

- Understand agreements and contracts with employers

- Read and understand employee handbook

- Create simple resume

- Understand expectations of workplace

- Follow directions

- Solve problems

- Work as team member

level 2


- complete some forms, such as basic job applications

- effectively communicate during an interview

- use a computer to type and print a paragraph

- write a basic memo or report

- read and understand basic information in an employee handbook

- demonstrate awareness of workplace culture and skills

level 3

(6.0 -8.9)*

- comprehend feedback from peers/management to imporve performance

- use a computer to produce work-related materials, including reports, memos and correspondence

- understand workplace policies and advocate for self and others

February 28/2000

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