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Literacy Resources/RI stands in support of all members of our community - refugees, immigrants, educators, learners, families (as defined and understood by those who comprise them). LR/RI stands in opposition to policy and practice that excludes anyone from full access and participation in our communities because of race, religion, orientation, identity, ability or nationality. Many of us are frightened by recent events and work to arm ourselves without violence with information and resources. Regardless of political stance or affiliation, there are facts (not alternative ones) that practitioners - particularly those of us working with English language learners /communities- need to know and understand. LR/RI's advocacy page offers links to resources providing information about status and rights, as well as teaching materials for practitioners' own knowledge and/or for framing critical and open conversations in classrooms and communities.

Literacy Resources/Rhode Island was established in 1997 to: 
  • expand existing professional capacity within Rhode Island's adult education community;
  • increase educators' and learners' capacity to use and interact with online technology, and
  • assist in improving delivery of services to adult learners, thereby strengthening adult education provision across the state.
Initially supported by the RI Department of Education, the RI Foundation, the Swearer Center for Public Service and others, as part of an ongoing process of facilitating access to professional development, LR/RI worked  with practitioners and  learners  to identify areas of  expertise, and to support  practitioners'  ongoing learning. 

LR/RI's work has included facilitating/publicizing teacher sharing sessions, development of inquiry projects, exploration of issues and activities which include adult learners in meaningful ways, information dissemination through the bulletin and  the ongoing development and maintenance of this web site. Progress reports provde an overview of LR/RI's work.

 In 2007, the Rhode Island Adult Education Professional Development Center (RI AEPDC), began its work. Based on a model developed with field  input, this new center continues much of LR/RI's work, while broadening its scope and capacity.   The AEPDC's inital website,, was launched in 2008. 

On September 1, 2011, left Rhode Island College and moved to the West Bay Collaborative in Warwick, RI. Its website
: is still active, containing still-useful information and resources.

The RIAEPDC's contract with the Rhode Island Department of Education ended on June 30, 2018. There is, at this time, no clear provision for professional development for the state; an RFP process is reported to be underway. An open letter, posted on August 10, 2018, articulates concerns about this shift in access to and delivery of professional development in the state.

March 2020 A new contract and new adult education website for professional development: RI Adult Education.

February, 2023: after having lost connection to its host server, LR/RI is back live; the site is being updated. Professional development currently resides within contracts with the Providence Public Library and the RI Adult Education Tech Hub.

Janet Isserlis will continue to maintain this site which remains intact as a resource for adult educators and learners, and is updated regularly. Janet Isserlis is solely responsible for its content and upkeep.

2018 Adult Education Conference, originally scheduled for March 13, was held on June 8.

2016 Adult Education Conference was held September 29, at New England Tech (East Greenwich Campus).

2015 Adult Education Conference - October 1, at New England Tech (East Greenwich Campus of NEIT)

Advocacy and legislative activity fall within the broaders work of addressing systemic and specific issues pertinent to the  field  of adult education.  Both the advocacy and EL/Civics pages contain resources related to equity (health, access to  education, etc). 

STANDARDS -  a page addressing issues of standards development, assessment and outcome measures in the state.   The page also includes links to Rhode Island's content standards for adult education.

Adult Learners' Bill of Rights   -  1999  Rhode Island legislation.

This site was designed by Zachary Franklin and Janet Isserlis in 1997, and has since been maintained by Janet Isserlis.

last updated April 20, 2024

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