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Disability Justice

An Inquiry Into The Educational Services Provided By State Funded Programs.

In May of 2005, E.N.O.B.L.E. began sending out a four page survey inquiring into the educational resources provided by state funded programs to adults with developmental disabilities from Providence to Middletown.

. The survey received a 70 % return with many teachers sending letters of encourage ment and comments about specific educational needs that they saw among their students. The population overview and participation in ABLE classes is as follows:

• 75 % of those agencies and organizations surveyed provide day program services to a population that ranges in age from twenty one to over seventy. This means that roughly ninety percent of the State’s adult population with developmental disabillities is dependent upon these services for transportation, meals, education and socialization.

• 90 % of those Agencies and Organizations surveyed provide some form of ABLE classes at least twice a week.

• 50 % of those individuals who attend these day programs will participate in at least one class that is offered.

• 75 % of those individuals who currently attend ABLE classes have graduated from special education programs in a public school. This means effectively that a full generation has passed since the closing of State institutions, and that these students may have a higher capability than their predecessors.

• The average ABLE class size in a day program setting is twelve to eighteen students.

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