Erin Austin: My View of Society


My View of Society

I don't know about my friends,
But when I was born people would tell my parents I would speak
I would never walk
I would not live past age 5
Suggestions were made to place me in an "Institution"
Because I was supposed to be a vegetable
As you can see
My parents listened well
Because not only did I experience a loving environment
I graduated high school
Obtained a steady job as a receptionist
Competed for and won numerous medals in the Special Olympics
I was joined a poetry writing circle with a group of friends
I have also become involved with our government
Since politicians don't have a clue as to what they are doing
I find it humorously irritating when people believe that
People with special needs shouldn't be included in the realm of society
Fortunately not everyone has the same opinion
Because if they did my friends and I would not have
the safety net of individuals to support us
I take it as a challenge whenever people who don't know me,
And even some that do,
Tell me I "can't" or "won't"
Because when I succeed in achieving my goal,
I can sit back with a smirk on my face
As I look at the flabbergasted expressions
Disbelievers watch my success rate rise
Because after all I wasn't supposed to live past age 5
I'm 30 now, almost 31
I wasn't supposed to have the ability to speak
Because I speak my mind and at times it is embarrassing to others
I wasn't supposed to have the ability to walk,
Something people wish they had something to slow me down
Because I never sit still for long
I was supposed to be a vegetable,
Instead of a human
So to all who tell me that I "shouldn't", "can't" or "won't"
Stand back and watch
Because I will succeed
Despite the negativity from people like you
I will also help my friends achieve success

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