Debby Venator, an ESL teacher who has worked in library, intergenerational and other programs, shared with the ESOL discussion group an assessment process she's used to review grammar points with learners and to help her understand learners' abilities in using particular grammar points.

This is the sheet she gives to students:

Help! I've been on vacation too long. and now I've forgotten how to speak English.

The following sentences all have mistakes, and I need you to help me correct them. Thanks!

1. My sister she no have daughters. She only have sons.

2. Me no like meat.

3. The truck of my husband is red; I have a car white.

4. My husband is more old than I. He have 51 years.

5. Enriqueta she no work. She study English almost every day.

6. Myrna goes to Puerto Rico last Christmas to visit she family.

7. Elvira try to exercise every day.

8. Lourdes study at CCRI since last fall.

9. Ingrid Miranda no can work as a dentist until she have a license.

10. Racquel always have many appointments.

11. Alma smiling all the time.

12. Vicky pass her citizenship exam recently.

13. The mother of Irma is Angelina.

14. Ingrid C. move to a new apartment in the house of Myrna.

15. Socorro always smiling.

16. Our class is end in the beginning of June.

17. Do you all have a good vacation last week? What you do? Where you go?

18. I try to learn to speak Spanish more good, but is no easy for me.

19. Who book is this? Is it my? Your? Her?

20. We no can have class last week because school no open.

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