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Adult Education Public Policy Advocacy Nationally and in the States

AlphaPlus Index to Web Resources

Amby's education pages focus on practitioner inquiry project

CAELA state updates

The Change Agent

The Change Agent in the classroom

Civic Participation & Citizenship Collection

Education Resource Organizations Directory -- State Literacy Resource Centers

Edvisors' Network: Adult and Continuing Education

English Literacy/Civics Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center

ESL Special Collections: Organizations/Associations

ESL Special Collections: Core Knowledge Group

Family Literacy: Ideas for the Classroom/Midwest LINCS , and about the Family Literacy Special Collection

Field Notes - Volume 10, Number 1 (Summer 2000) ESOL resources

Field Notes - Volume 10, Number 4 (Spring 2001) On the Screen: Women and Violence

Field Notes -- Volume. 12, Number 3 (Winter 2003) A Tutor and Learner at the ACI by Janet Isserlis and Jessica Gonzalez

Florida Atlantic University Institute for the Development and Enhancement of Adult Learning

Her NCLE's worth (PDF file).

Jenny Horsman

Joint Center Devolution - welfare reform research sites

Learner Generated Materials Every Day in Bright Ideas

National Institute for Literacy - Literacy Leader Fellows

Learning and Violence

Northeast Literacy and Technology Consortium

Pennsylvania ABLE

Practitioner Research as Staff Development

Research in Practice in Adult Learning, Alberta, Canada

Project InterALT resource links

Resources, ABSPD

RI Learning Disabilities Project resource list

literacy resources at RI.Gov

Spiders at Work - project description

Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education (SCALE) - Adult Literacy Resources

Students' Views of Their Learning: Bloom's Taxonomy, and the Computer By John Bedell, Marilyn Moore and Gayle Sorensen-Nunez, California State University, Fullerton, article citing, among other sources, 1998 practitioner inquiry report on technology and learning

Women and Literacy Core Knowledge Group

Yahoo directory of adult and continuing education resources

documents generated by LR/RI can be found on a search of the National LINCS site

Teaching English in the Workplace (at (also indexed on AlphaPlus and ERIC/AE

TESOL presentation on technology as resource

Text quarterly, Volume 11, Issue 4, Who is the we when we talk about us?

A Vision and Action Agenda for Adult ESL in the 21st Century [TESOL website]

Web Resources for States Interested in Improving and Expanding their Professional Development Systems FOCUS ON BASICS, Vol 5, Issue D June 2002


Google Directory - Adult Literacy


Open Directory -- Adult Literacy

ESL Resources; NCBE ERIC/CLL Online Directory of ESL Resources

LR/RI's learners' resource page is also cited in Marilyn Gillespie's Chapter, Research in Writing: Implications for Adult Literacy Education, in the second Annual Review of Adult Learning and Literacy from NCSALL

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