Learn the Language to Find a Job

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Part I

What Skills Do I Have to Get a Job?

Everyone has skills that they use and practice every day. It may be taking care of your own or your neighbor's children, it may be doing repairs around your apartment or house like painting, spakcing, woorwork, or even repairing appliances. Maybe your skills are with people. Are you outgoing and positive? Do epople respond to you better than to others?

All of us have experiences in the past which may also help us to find a job. Some people have received experience through volunteering in their community. Many people have gained some experience through a job that they had before. Even things that you do in your spare time can be an experience that may help you find the work you want. These experiences have helped you learn skills to do something. These skills might be useful in a job. Knowing what these experiences are and how you have grown and learned from them will help you understand the abilities you have. These abilities will help you choose a job that is right for you.



Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii

Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr

Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

fill in the missing a's in each word:

____ ble c___ble p___per
c___r ___re sc___r
f___r re___d he___r
be___r le___d


Todayıs lesson was about nouns. Remember that a noun is a person, place,

or thing. With that in mind, try to write down ten nouns to use with your

sentences. If you get stuck you can use words from the book:

__________________ ______________________ ________________

__________________ ______________________ ________________

__________________ ______________________ ________________


Great, now fill in the missing letters from the following words:

ab __ __, ar __ , bo __ __, bi __, co __ __, ca __, don'__, doo __,

ev __ __, e__ r, fa __ __, f__ n, gi __ __, go __, ho __ __, hi __,

in__ __, I __ l, ju__ __, ja__l, ke __ __, li __ __, lo__p, mo__ __, mi__ s,

ne __ __, nev__ r, ov__ __, o __ k, pi__ __, po __ t, qui __ __, ro __ __,

ro__ f, si __ __, s__ fe, ti __ __, te __ l , und __ __, unt__ l, v__ n,

wi __ __, we __ r.

Now write your ten sentences and remember to use the nouns you have chosen :

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