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The Rhode Island Adult Literacy Council is a statewide coalition
of individuals and organizations committed to promoting greater literacy in Rhode Island. Its goals are:

  • To heighten public awareness of adult literacy issues

  • To facilitate cooperation among public, private and non-profit organizations serving adult learners.

  • To identify and promote opportunities for practitioners, adult learners and other interested members of the community to address the needs of adults seeking to develop their literacy/language skills.

  • To serve as an information network on literacy related events, workshops, and issues through the Rhode Island Adult Literacy Council meetings and their minutes.

Rhode Island is the first state in the nation to develop an Adult Learning Bill of Rights. The Council was instrumental in the adoption of the Adult Education Bill of Rights (RIGL 16-63) that states Adult learners shall:

  • be treated with dignity and respect

  • be included in policy development affecting adult education

  • be offered services that are cost-effective and meet the learners' needs.

  • have access to testing and evaluation and requisite accommodation for learning disabilities

  • be fully informed about the educational choices available to them

  • be permitted to participate in decisions about their educational process, including information exchange and goal setting

  • have a right to an education commensurate with their abilities including but not limited to basic skills, vocational education and/or secondary education or its recognized equivalent.

  • receive consistent, sustained quality in their education

A Brief History of the Rhode Island Adult Literacy Council

The Rhode Island Adult Literacy Council

was formed in August 1983 to coordinate public awareness efforts in support of adult literacy activities. The group continued to meet throughout the year, and enlisted the support of the Rhode Island Advertising Club in a campaign to promote literacy.

In 1984, Governor J. Joseph Garrahy officially established the council as a subcommittee of the Rhode Island Adult Education Commission. The Rhode Island Adult Literacy Council has continued to meet to the present day.

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