Inquiry Projects - 2000

The following projects were undertaken between January and June, 2000. Participants' original proposals for funding, interim and final reports as well as relevant online resources are posted below.

Can Science Experiments using the five senses help beginning ESL students improvide their speaking and writing skills?

project proposal and interim report

final report

Focus on Basics, Volume 3, Issue A, March, 1999 - focusing on Adult Multiple Intelligences

Debra Blaine, Project RIRAL

Will the adult learner show significant improvement in learning levels (2 or more) in the areas of math and writing through the aid of a computer/calculator?

Adult Numeracy Special Collection - Midwest LINCS adult numeracy resources compilation

Gayle Dzekevich, Cranston Adult Learning Center

Learners' resistance to the writing process

project proposal and interim report

Focus on Basics, Volume 3, Issue D, December 1999 - focus on writing instruction

Focus on Basics, Volume 2, Issue D, December 1998 - focus on project-based learning

writing resources for learners and practitioners

Lynn Foley, Michael Moise, Project RIRAL

Waterford Early Reading Program for Emergent Readers- Adults and Children

project proposal and interim report

final report

Project Co-Participants: Sally Gabb, The Genesis Center and Terri Coustan, The APPLE Family Literacy Program - International Institute

How can I use computers to assist beginner level students to master the requirements for the citizenship test?

project proposal and interim report

final report

citizenship resources

Baha Sadr, International Institute of Rhode Island 

Providence Housing Authority - Program standards and student participation

final report

Marcia Sullivan, Irene Jefferson, Providence Housing Authority

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