Writings about self defense

These are stories written by learners in Debby Venator's ESOL class at William D'Abate School about a recent self defense workshop.

Self Defense

I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to learn about "Self Defense."

I learned how important it is to take a few minutes every day and try to concentrate and feel very relaxed.

I didn't know before how to concentrate all my strength, and use it positively, and not to be crazy in dangerous situations. I learned more things like the several parts in our body where we are vulnerable, but the most important thing I learned was how to control my self in dangerous situations.

by Enriqueta Cruz

Two weeks ago we had a class for person defense, and it was very interesting. I learned many things I didn't know for protecting myself especially with somebody who has a knife or a gun. What can I do? How can I defend myself? if I don't have anything for protection, and also I learned how I can breathe and meditate to control myself.

by Liliana Encinas

I write about being careful.

Twelve years ago I was living in the United States. I learned a lot of things and I knew how to protect my family and myself too.

When I'm in the car I had to lock my car door because I didn't know the good people or bad people come to open my car door. That's why I had to be careful of the bad people.

Using Self Defense

When I was young about 8 years old, two boys tried to beat me up for money. But then I used self defense to protect myself. They never got my moeny, and they never asked me for my money again. Now I know how to keep safe and I teach my fmaily about self defense.

by Soktum Mam

I think that it is very useful when you receive important information about different topics because you never know when you will need it.

Self Defense is important because in a dangerous situation you are able to save your life or somebody else.

It is good to know that you have specific parts of your body where you are more sensitive and you have to protect them in case somebody attacks you or these parts you have to attack in order to fight for your life.

First, you have to know how to control your self because if you just act without thinking, you give the opportunity to the other person to do something better than you. But when you think, this has to happen fast and then you have to put in practice all techniques that you learned in the workshop. Like pinching the eyes, hitting the temples hitting the neck, hitting the nose, hitting the hand but not the palm, hitting the legs but not the knees, hitting the feet but not the sole.

With one thought that you know about this you can control the siutation. And it is good to know that these parts of your body are more sensitive and this way you can take care, and know more about your body.

Meditation is very important because you can learn how to control your mind and your body too, and in some opportunities you need to control different siutations like pain when you go to the doctor for a blood test. It is something that looks easy but if you don't know how to relax, your muscles are still tense and you can feel the needle, but if you feel relaxed you feel less pain.

bv Luz Avila

Personal Defense

The personal defense workshop was interesting because I learned how to defend myself, if I'm attacked by anotehr person. It is very imp[ortant to learn about personal defense.

by Nilsa Mejia

Self Defense

I learned in that workshop that self defense is to have control in the mind to act in case of assult; to make exercise of meditation every day for control of the mind.

I learned the ponits on the fact that are sensitive.

by Lidia Bazan

on line resources - self defense

(these resources were selected from a web search at snap.com for "basic self defense" and may be useful in generating critical reading and discussion both about self defense and web publicity. or not)

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Paxton Quiqley's homepage - Armed and Female: basic self-defense techniques.

Self Defense - a promotion for a video and other instructional information that could serve as a basis for a discussion about what self defense is and how it might or might not be useful.

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